It’s In The Shed

It’s In The Shed

Do you have one of those places where you put things that then just seem to pile up? It might even get to a point where you forget about these things for a while and then not remember where they are because you’ve put it “somewhere safe.” From conversations I’ve had it sounds like a lot of us have some type of place like this. It might be on top of the microwave, a bedside table, an email inbox, a loft space, a garage or a wardrobe drawer that just seems to endlessly collect t-shirts. Wait, that last one might just be me. You get the idea though. Do you have one of those places? For me, one of those places is the shed.


Now our shed is absolutely full of stuff as you can see from the photo. There’s wood working tools in there, wood from deconstructed pallets, gardening supplies, old plug sockets, countless bits and pieces from various DIY projects and even some of those little nails that you get with IKEA furniture so that you can nail on the solid back piece. A lot of these things have been gathered and collected over time. Some have been saved intentionally while others have just been put there and forgotten about on the basis that they could be useful again at some point.


A prime example of this was this past weekend where I was attaching a bracket to the ceiling in the dining room for a new ceiling fan. While I was doing this, one of the two screws that are needed to attach this snapped completely in half. After a few choice words, I headed to the shed to see if I could find another screw so that I could still get the fan up that day without having to go out to the store to buy another one. And of course, after going through one of those tubs with random bits and pieces in them, I found another screw, and the fan then went up without any further problems.


Now what’s the point of this story? Well, it made me think about how this is like life in general. Each of us goes through a lot in life, and based on our experiences (good and bad) we end up with certain skills and abilities over time. Just like in the shed some of these may be forgotten about because they happened so long ago or simply because we’re so busy using them all of the time that we don’t even recognise them anymore. They’re still there, and we’re able to call upon them when we really need to.


So now I’d like to invite you to think about a time where you’ve had a bump in the road, a hiccup or maybe a really difficult time where you’ve successfully managed things in a way that was right for you. This could be in terms of work and your career, with family at home or in life in general.


What did you do that you were most pleased about in that situation?


How did you manage to do that given the circumstances?


What skills and abilities did you have to call on at that point in time to do that?


What did you notice about yourself and others as a result of you doing that? What do you think others noticed?


What does it say about you as a person that you were able to do all of this?


Thank you for reading, and I hope that it has been of some use to you. If you feel that someone else might enjoy this, then please do share it with them!


All the best,



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