Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions


Below is the transcript and some of my notes from the video above.

Something that’s been coming up a lot lately in my work is around people thinking about making a decision and not knowing what decision or decisions to make. I think it’s something that we can all relate to, so I figured that I’d make a quick video/write a quick blog post about it that will hopefully be of some use to others.

I think something that stands out to me as I have conversations around various dilemmas and decisions is the fact that everyone comes with at least two ideas of possible directions to take, and that people are working incredibly hard to find a way forward.  Everyone wants to be able to move on in the ‘right’ way so that it benefits them and others in their lives, whether that be family, friends, colleagues, etc.

So back to these different directions/decisions/choices. People are mostly focused on the next step that they could take, and because they know their situation so well they know exactly what won’t work or they’re not sure about taking it because they don’t know what it might or might not lead to for them. Essentially, they are worried about potentially getting it wrong and worried about the impact that this will have on them on those around them, which is completely understandable. Who wouldn’t want to be as certain as they could be about the choices they are going to make in their life?


So how do we talk with people about these dilemmas in Solution Focused Practice? The question that we tend to ask instead is , “How would you know that you had made the right decision?” Let’s assume that you’ve made the best decisions that you could and that things have worked out the way that you wanted them to.


What would you notice about yourself at that point?


Who else is there? What might they notice about you?


What might you notice about them?


What else might be happening?


What difference would it be making to you and the other that are there when these things are happening?



What I tend to see in my work is that when people start to think about these things, they’re able to think of different ways to move forward and make changes in their lives and even in their daily routines in a way that it is right for them. An example of this is described in the video above.


I hope that you’ve enjoyed this and have found it useful. If you think that others would find it useful, please do share with them. And if you’d like to know when I post more videos, subscribe to my YouTube channel!

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