Turning on the Lights

Turning on the Lights

So I was speaking with a client the other day in our second session together, and they said something that really struck me as they described what was happening for them. It was done in such a way that made so much sense that I wanted to share it with you.

For the sake of anonymity, I’ll call this person Chris. Now Chris was in a difficult place to begin with, feeling very low and anxious to a point where day-to-day tasks were a challenge. So we started our session in the way that I usually begin any follow up session by asking, “What’s been better since we last spoke?”

At first, Chris wasn’t sure anything had been better, however as time went on it became clear that Chris was doing a lot more of the little things in her life. Through this discussion it became clear that these little things were having a big impact on her. She was feeling calmer and more relaxed, which meant that she was able to go out more to places like the local shop or to walk her dog without having to worry about other people around her. It also meant that she was able to take time, sit on a bench in a local park, people watch and enjoy nature around her.

It was in describing the little things she was doing that Chris talked about how everything else then seemed a little bit easier to do as she had more confidence and was feeling more relaxed. It was at the end of this session where Chris described what it was like for her.  She said that it felt like she had been sitting in a room that had gone dark without her noticing it, and that all of a sudden someone had turned on a light.  As we kept talking, she said that she felt like she was now turning on more lights and seeing all of the things that she was doing and was capable of doing instead of just seeing the things that were a challenge.


In line with Chris’ journey, if you took a moment to stop and think about things happening for you, what might you see if you turned the lights on in your life?


What’s going well in your life? If you’ve been reading these blogs regularly, what’s been better since you read the last post?


How have you managed to make those things happen?


What difference has it made to you to see these things happening?


What do you think others have have been pleased to notice about you when these things are happening?


Seeing these things happen, what difference does that make to you as you continue moving forward with your life?



Thank you for reading, and I hope that this has been of some use to you. If you feel that someone else might enjoy this, then please do share it with them!

All the best,


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