The Little Things

The Little Things

So many times in my work I hear about a lot of little things that carry a lot of meaning for people, and I think it’s safe to say that this holds true for many of us. Given the time of year and a recent training course that I delivered with my fantastic colleagues Biba Rebolj and Ben Scott, I wanted to write this blog to talk about how our focus on these “little things” make a massive difference in our lives.

We’re all familiar with those little things that really get to us and wind us up or make us frustrated, angry, etc. It could be something such as when people talk during a film, someone not bringing their plates or cups down from their bedroom, someone not listening when asked to do a simple task, someone interrupting you before you can finish what you’re saying or someone not taking the time to talk with you or ask you about your day. The list goes on, and I have no doubt that it is something different for each and every one of you.

You know the impact that these type of things can have on you as well as those around you. And I have no doubt that it’s not a great one. So as these things continue to happen and build up into incredibly frustrating and difficult things, it’s no surprise that they feel overwhelming and like they are happening all of the time.

What I find interesting is how this then often relates to the view that it is going to take something huge and potentially miraculous in order to move things forward. While we were delivering our recent training, we focused several exercises on asking questions around the finer details that would tell people they were moving forward or doing things in a way that was right for them and those around them.

Some of the answers that people gave were again around those “little things” that make such a difference. Things like being able to focus on a task at hand without worrying about a million other things, having a cup of tea with a loved one, smiling more, laughing with their children or even being able to ask someone a question that was on their mind. Just like the other list, this one goes on and on as well, although the difference that these type of things makes to us is vastly different than those listed above.

By choosing what we notice and focus on leads us to see and live in vastly different ways. While it’s not always easy, I know which way I would prefer to be living!

And on that note, I would invite you to see how many of those little things you can list from 2018 that you did yourself that made a difference to others or that others around you did that made a difference to you. See how many you can come up with. I’m sure you could easily hit 25, if not 50!

If you’re up for another challenge, let’s look forward to 2019! What are some of the smallest signs that you or others might notice that would tell you and them that you’re living life in a way that’s right for you and those around you?

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